This Week’s Query

From: Advices and queries; Britain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice, 5th edition, @ 1995-2015 Quaker Faith and Practice

‘When you are preoccupied and distracted in meeting let wayward and disturbing thoughts give way quietly to your awareness of God’s presence among us and in the world. Receive the vocal ministry of others in a tender and creative spirit. Reach for the meaning deep within it, recognizing that even if it is not God’s word for you, it may be so for others. Remember that we all share responsibility for the meeting for worship whether our ministry is in silence or through the spoken word.’

This query gives us work to do that will draw us back to the Center when we’re led away… by reaching for meaning. The meaning of God’s presence for us personally, and the meaning in others discovery of the same. That stretch, that pull, that work that is shared, brings the muscular presence of God, the tenderness of touch, the palpable sense of Being that is so often needed when we are lost, disturbed, preoccupied, distracted. Reach. Deepen. Pull.