This Week’s Query

From: Advices and queries; Britain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice, 5th edition, @ 1995-2015 Quaker Faith and Practice

‘Do not assume that vocal ministry is never to be your part. Faithfulness and sincerity in speaking, even very briefly, may open the way to fuller ministry from others. When prompted to speak, wait patiently to know that the leading and the time are right, but do not let a sense of your own unworthiness hold you back. Pray that your ministry may arise from deep experience, and trust that words will be given to you. Try to speak audibly and distinctly, and with sensitivity to the needs of others. Beware of speaking predictably or too often, and of making additions towards the end of a meeting when it was well left before.’

Speaking in meeting for worship is an awesome thing… sometimes an awe-ful thing. We are filled with the awe of voicing our own experiences, with our God-stories. Will they be found worthy? Will they be helpful? Using this advice/query is instructive in gauging our own heart and mind when considering a leading during silent, waiting worship. Does the prompting to speak continue? Does the message speak only to a personal concern – perhaps too personal to be shared? Does it speak broadly, in a way that honors the intention of the leading, and those who would receive it? Is it something meant to be shared – not just by our own intention, but by that of God’s Spirit? Sometimes, there’s only one way to find out!