The Green Team has been reflecting on the ways that our Meeting is already a good steward of God’s creation, and also on the ways we could do more.  Certainly, we want to continue recycling office paper and other items that are coded for recycling.   We are leaning towards collecting coffee grounds in Fellowship Hall as compost for our gardeners, and leaning away from using disposable plates, cups, and silverware.  We are interested in, and researching the possibilities of, the future use of solar panels at the Meetinghouse.  The Green Team is committed to keeping fertilizers and herbicides off of the Meetinghouse lawn as our pollinators love the dandelions and our rivers, lakes, and oceans find fertilizers insufferable. 

Be on the lookout for Green Team projects such as sewing our own reusable bags, as well as for the next Green Team gathering.  If these are things that you are passionate about, please consider coming to our next meeting.