As Way Opens

My heart is full of thanksgiving as I have been soaking in your love and support shown me as Jerry ended his awful journey with Alzheimer’s.  We gathered together on Sunday to share stories about him and to laugh and cry and I have been overwhelmed with expressions of care and kindness.   As our son Greg shared on Sunday, Jerry’s doctrine of faith can be summed up in three words - God is Love.  This love has embraced me through all of you and I have felt God’s presence through your presence in my life.   

 As I reflect on the life of this man that I have loved, I am reminded that all I really have is today and I must decide, ‘what am I going to do with this gift?’  Jerry lived with this philosophy even as the Alzheimer’s was taking over his brain.  He viewed every day with the potential for joy, discovery, learning and fun.  I pray that Jerry’s legacy will be to remind us every day of this choice.  What will I do with the gift of today? 


Considering the Quote: ‘The Seed, or Grace of God, is small in its first Appearance, even as the Morning Light; but as it is given Heed to, and obeyed, it will increase in Brightness, till it shines in the Soul, like the Sun in the Firmament at its Noon-day Height. ~ Elizabeth Bathurst, 1655-1685

Announcements, Reports & Opportunities

Community Salad Supper this Friday at 5:30!  Everyone is Welcome!
Bring your friends and neighbors for a friendly and fun time of fellowship and nourishment with Friends.  Bring a salad or dessert to share.  The fun starts at 5:30 in Fellowship Hall. 

Bring your Mom to Meeting on Mother’s Day!  Happy Mother’s Day to all our grandmothers, moms, and ‘special moms’ who’ve made the world a brighter place.  What better place to honor and celebrate than with friends in Meeting!

Friends Education Fund is a Quaker college scholarship program for African American students.  If you know of a student who might be interested in applying, please ask them to contact the Meeting Office   Applications are being accepted through May 12th, 2016. The selected applicants will be celebrated on Sunday June 12th. 

United Society of Friends Women
Quaker Men International
Triennial Meetings
July 7 – July 10
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Join together with Quakers from around the world for a time of worship, fellowship, study and joy.
Ruthie Tippin will lead the Daily Bible Studies for USFWI, and Ron Bryan will lead the Daily Bible Studies for QMI.  A number of international speakers will bring messages for the evening gatherings. Men and women will join together for Mission Workshops and Sunday Morning Meeting for Worship. 

Triennial Sessions begin with registration on Thursday, July 7, 2016, at 8:30 a.m. Triennial ends after lunch on Sunday, July 10. Conference registration costs $375 per person prior to May 14th ($400 after) and includes ten meals.  Hotel costs $105/night. Register at  Daily registrations are also available.  Registrations are due by May 14, 2016, with a minimum deposit of 50% of total conference costs. No refunds after June 3rd.

The Fairfield Outreach Committee is sponsoring Refugee Information. A representative of the Exodus Refugee Immigration agency will present information regarding their work with refugees and immigrants in central Indiana.  Find out what individuals and organizations can do to help with this important work.  Breakfast will be provided by the Outreach Committee at 8:30 AM and the presentation will start at 9:30 AM on Sunday, May 15. 10441 East County Road 700 South, Cambry, Indiana 46113. For more information, call (317) 856-3212 or visit

Poetry Group will meet at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 17 in the Parlor. Melora Cox will present a program on ‘Transformational Experiences in Poetry.’ This will be our last program until we resume meeting in September!

Service Appreciation Dinner ~ All are invited to share memories and stories about several of our treasured members who have admirably served First Friends over the years.  Please reserve Sunday, May-22, 5:30-8:30, for this exciting free dinner and program.  You need to sign up to attend.  See the sign-up sheet on the table in the hallway or call the office for your reservations 317-255-2485.

Books, Books, Books!  Our Meeting Library is overflowing with books, and we have even more in boxes!  We need help!  If you would like to help us sort, catalog and put our library holdings to good use, we would LOVE it!  Many of these books can’t be found anywhere else!  Please contact the office at   

“Friends of Nature Kids” ~ Natural Stencils~ You will need colored pencils and paper for this activity. Make a collection of small things that you can draw around. See how well each of your shapes translates as a stencil by drawing around it with colored pencils. Now with all the shapes outlined, see what kind of picture you can draw using these natural examples. 

From 52 Nature Activities by Lynn Gordon, Chronicle Books, San Francisco.