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As Way Opens by Ruthie Tippin

Stefon Harris is a great musician… a great jazz artist.  And he has something to say to all of us… with his mallets and marimba.  It’s all about wrong notes – those mistakes that come in life – the things that we don’t understand, that just don’t fit, that we don’t know quite how to cope with.  Stefon’s answer?  Make the mistake part of the music!  Use the strange sound to add to your life, rather than thinking it diminishes it.  I’ve attached his Youtube video here, and urge you to watch (and listen!) to this great life lesson… I had sent it to Dan Moseley a while ago, and was pleased to have him share it with everyone this past Saturday at our morning session on “Hospitality”. 


Strange things happen in life.  Strange people come into our lives.  The only mistake we make, Dan says, is not adapting to them… not responding to strangers.  If we do, we will learn the sound of their voice, and what those strangers bring.  New ideas, new challenges, new encouragement, new gifts and talents, new energy… these are just some of the things strangers bring us.  Strangers help us see ourselves in new ways, and call us to new places.  The people and places we once feared in life become adventures, and help us learn how to live and change in the future, with passion and faith.  Using what we already know about ourselves, and trusting in the relationship with God that we already have, we can grow stronger by exercising our heart, mind, and strength in loving others… even those who are strangers to us.


Do these names sound familiar?  Doug and Amanda Fagan, Samantha Ryan, Cherie Spencer, Mary Ellen Lohr… If not, you are a stranger to them!  They have recently begun attending First Friends.  Let us dare to learn the sound of others’ voices, to discover what other persons bring to us, to grow and learn from strangers, and to show others that we are not strangers, but friends.  Let us continue to open up to new challenges, new energy, new insight, new leadings that can only come from new connections God brings us, as we create space for newness to enter… for God to enter.  Let us watch to see what God will look like – and sound like - as God continues to enter our lives.  Enjoy!

Mark your calendars now for Dan Moseley’s next visit – April 25 and 26!

“Generosity – Creating Space to be Generous in Spirit”

Announcements, Reports, & Opportunities

This Sunday, February 8th is Scout Sunday! Were you a Scout? Are your children? Please send the Scout’s name and troop number into the office for recognition. Also, we are looking for help from Scouts as greeters, ushers, and during Meeting! Please email if you want to participate.

Be an Usher in 2015! A great way to serve and meet people at Indianapolis First Friends Meeting is to become a Sunday usher. Ushers only need serve once a month. This duty is so beneficial, not only to the meeting each Sunday but also to the usher as well. An Individuals or an entire family that would like to usher or simply know more can sign up on the bulletin board in the hallway or contact Dan Linginfelter at for more information.

Please join us for Community Soup this Friday, February 6th, anytime between 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.  Enjoy soups, bread, and dessert in a relaxed atmosphere.  No cooking, no dishwashing, and no charge.

Are you looking for a fun, innovative, play-based preschool for your child between the ages of 2-5? Meridian Street Co-op Preschool, located in the north wing of First Friends Meeting, will be holding an Open House on February 9th & 10th from 9:30-11:30am and will be open for enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year on a first-come, first-serve basis. imited spaces are available. You are welcome to come!

The next Poetry Group gathering is at 2pm on Tuesday, February 17th. All are welcome to join this discussion-style group.

Join us for an Eco-Film Series here at First Friends, at 7p.m. on the second Friday of each month from February- April. The first one is Friday, February 13th at 7p.m. called “Silent Spring”. It is the story of Rachel Carson and the battle over her groundbreaking work “Silent Spring”.  Carson and her research were savagely attacked by the chemical industry but Carson would not be silenced. A powerful story that sparked a revolution in environmental policy and inspired a generation to activism. (55 minutes.  

Get comfort at First Friends with comfort food. Join us for a “Seasoned Friends” Luncheon (for retirement age or older!) on Tuesday, February 24th at 11:30am! Bill & Kathy Farris will be providing meatloaf sandwiches, tomato soup and macaroni and cheese; feel free to bring a dessert to share if you’d like! Also, bring your favorite game and stay after lunch to play games. Please RSVP to the Meeting Office at 255-2485 by Thursday, February 19th. We'd love to see you!

It’s Time to Retreat!  Have you ever been to Quaker Haven?  Many of us have, and we all have a chance to go next month… for the Western Yearly Meeting Retreat, March 6 & 7.  Friends will gather from all parts of Indiana and Western Illinois for an overnight stay, worship, fun, and the challenges that Jim Griffith* will bring as our speaker.  Vision and Vitality will be served generously!  Come and join Beth and Ruthie… we hope to have a great crowd from First Friends. Register now for best prices.  See the brochure, found at!  Send it in pronto!

Picture yourself as the artist seated at our newly-refurbished Steinway piano in the Meetingroom!  That opportunity has now presented itself!  If you relish the chance to minister to Meeting for Worship through music, the Music Committee is seeking musicians to play the Steinway either for special music or the offertory. If this speaks to your condition, contact Mindy Sommer by email at She will want to know the date you’d like to play, as well as whether you would like to play during the offering or as special music. Amanda from the office will contact you subsequently for the name of the piece you will play and to confirm the date.

Save The Date!  Saturday, March 21st! First Friends Meeting Talent Show! Vicki Wertz and Beth Henricks are our “Talent Scouts”.  Susan Rains is our “Hostess with the Mostest”.  Start polishing those dancing shoes, and warming up your vocal cords… or preparing whatever talent you may have!

The Preschool Co-op is hosting a Rummage Sale here at First Friends on April 18th!!! They are organizing and hosting the event themselves, but we will share in the proceeds. We are asking our members/attenders to bring in items for sale as they are cleaning out closets, cupboards and garages.  We will accept all items (except no drop side cribs, car seats or bumbo seats).   Please start bringing in your items and place them in the unused Sunday School room with the sign that says Rummage Sale.