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A Weekly Ministry of Indianapolis First Friends Meeting


As Way Opens    by Ruthie Tippin

A recent conversation with a friend began with a story of conflict, disappointment, and frustration.  By the end of our time together, the last story shared was one of reconciliation.  What was the difference?  There were many, but the most significant was the gesture of hope.  Those who had reunited had reached out to each other with curiosity and hope, looking toward the future, wondering what it might hold. 

 To resolve conflict takes courage – not just on one side, but from both sides.  It also takes curiosity… the ability to wonder…  What might happen?  How could things change?  How might relationships be better?  How might one’s own life improve?  Might joy await?  So often, people are confined in disappointment or conflict by their own inability to imagine life any differently than they’ve always experienced it.  They choose not to see possible – only the impossible. 

 God is a God of hope, and asks us to move forward with gestures of hope.  It’s a risk, and one we’re often wary of making.  Do we dare?  Yes.  But what if we’re spurned?  We count ourselves courageous, we stand in what we’ve learned, and we trust God for the outcome, moving forward in thankfulness.  What if we’re accepted?  We count ourselves courageous, we stand in what we’ve learned, and we trust God for the outcome, moving forward in thankfulness.    



 Announcements, Reports, & Opportunities

 Discovering God in a Changing World. You are invited to an exciting 4-part program series with Dr. Dan Moseley right here at First Friends! This seasonal, year-long series will help you learn how to develop spiritual practices that will encourage and support the life to which God is calling you as an individual and a community. Sessions will consist of a Saturday retreat from 9-1pm, Meeting for Worship on Sunday at 10:15am followed by a luncheon and then a Q&A with Dan. The first session is this Saturday, September 27-28th, when Dan will focus on discovering gifts from the community and Christian tradition to help us adapt to change. There is no fee, but you are encouraged to pre-register with Amanda Bow in the office at We encourage all of you to attend, even families, as child care will be provided.

 Kendal and Chelsea Tinsley will perform a short (30 minute) viola recital showcasing pieces they have learned in the past year this Sunday, September 28th, at 3:30 PM. The event will be at Munger Hall - the upper level of Meridian Music in Carmel at 12725 Old Meridian St, Carmel, IN 46032.  Friends are invited and welcome to attend.

 Two-time Olympian Amber Neben will be visiting First Friends on Sept. 28. World Champion and Olympic cyclist Amber Neben will be at First Friends 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 28, to share her story of faith and triumph over adversity. Amber represented Team USA in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games and rode to victory in the Time Trial at the 2008 World Championships in Varese, Italy. Along the way, she’s faced many setbacks including serious injuries from cycling crashes and a diagnosis of melanoma, a potentially deadly form of skin cancer. Amber’s trust in Christ has been the foundation of her personal and professional career. Beyond racing, Amber’s non-profit group, the Dare to Be Project, seeks to inspire kids to persevere through their own adversity including provided children with physical challenges with specially designed hand-cycles. Amber, of Southern California, will be in Indianapolis to record a TV segment on the Dare to Be Project and her new book, “When Shmack Happens.” But she’s also thrilled to spend time with us. Her message will inspire people of all ages.

 Finance Committee Report – 8/31/2014. For the 8 months ending August 31, 2014, expenses exceeded income by $15,090. Although we are better than budgeted, we encourage you to prayerfully consider whether you could make an extra contribution before year-end to eliminate the anticipated deficit. We appreciate your financial support!

 Two chances to help at the Food Pantry! The Mid North Food Pantry needs volunteers on the first Wednesday of each month.  First Friends has agreed to try to staff the first Wednesday, beginning with this coming Wednesday, Oct.1.  Any time you can provide between 9:30 and 2 pm would help with the busiest time between 10 – 12 noon.  Note that this is in addition to the day that First Friends has staffed for the past several years, the third Wednesday of each month.  No experience necessary.  Mid North Food Pantry is located at 3333 North Meridian St.  Thanks for your consideration.

 Participate in our "Sponsor a College Student" project! Come this Sunday ready to select a name of one of our college students and send them notes, cards, treats, etc throughout the school year so they hear from someone at the Meeting and feel connected.  We will continue to send care packages before finals in December and in May. Please let the office know at if anyone is missing from this list, or if you have an updated address for these students: Amelia Calley, Helen Calley, Maggie Crawford, Natalie Donahue, Emma Faulkenbach, Adrian Firsich, Glennis Henderson, Greg Henricks, Lori Heusel, Portia Mastin, Will Mastin, Grace Miller, Christine Panah, Holly Pennington, Tyler Rodino, Lee Schilling, Mitch Snyder, Ben Wertz, Grif Williams, Nick Wilson, and Samuel Wilson.

 Disciple Bible Study: A Fast Track 24-week study of the Bible will begin Oct 1st at Epworth UMC (Please note that this was originally scheduled for Sept 24th, but has been moved back a week due to an unexpected event at Epworth.) Ruthie Tippin will teach on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00-2:30, and Pat Engle will teach the same lesson Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30. If you’re interested or want more data, please contact Ruthie right away!  Materials need to be ordered.

 Please join us for Community Soup on Friday, Oct. 3rd, anytime between 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.  Enjoy soups, bread, and dessert in a relaxed atmosphere.  No cooking, no dishwashing, and no charge.

 Join us for an Eco-Film Series at Epworth United Methodist Church, 6450 Allisonville Road, at 7:30 p.m. on the second Friday of each month. The next one is Friday, October 10th at 7:30 p.m. called “Rock the Boat”. When a government agency decides that the Los Angeles River is not worthy of environmental protection, a biologist becomes a whistle blower, a writer trades pen for paddle, and together with others they change the course of history in a local battle with national significance. For the past hundred years we’ve built our cities and roads, factories, dams and agricultural centers wherever we’ve wanted to, our engineering often triumphing over the natural lay of the land, more balanced design and even common sense. With climate change and an impending worldwide water crisis, we are now forced to examine the impact on nature of our urban lifestyle. With striking images of the L.A. River, insightful interviews and a soft spot for humor, Rock the Boat documents the intrepid fight to renew the river and the city itself, and affirms the power of committed individuals to jump-start that change. (54 min.

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