Have you seen the AFSC's post-WWI exhibit, "Giving Voices to Ghosts"? Well now's your chance to see it at First Friends! Join us this Sunday, October 23rd 10:15am to see the exhibit as well as hear from our very own Nichole Mathews, who was integral in creating the exhibit! Read more about it here: http://currentinfishers.com/giving-thanks-german-class-translates-letters-exhibits-art-from-wwi-and-wwii-children/

"It was cocoa mainly that we were given. . . . This was warm and sweet, and the memory of that means that the early memory I have of the Quakers is of warmth and sweetness." 

This is a quote from a German, remembering the care of Quakers who fed him and other children left devastated after World War 1.  Quakers had been aware of hunger and malnutrition for many years.  “In 1919, Friend Herbert Hoover asked the Service Committee to carry out his massive feeding program in Germany. Hoover had collected large sums of money through the American Relief Administration. This was placed at the disposal of the American Friends Service Committee, and, in four years' time, the AFSC was feeding one million German children per day. Money raised from other sources aided this effort.”  Read more about it here: https://www.afsc.org/story/warmth-and-sweetness-beginnings-postwar-feeding-program-germany Discover more about it, and see the thankyou notes from many of the children who were fed, at First Friends Meeting this Sunday, October 23rd in Meeting for Worship with Nichole .  Join us at 10:15.