We're available for rent!

First Friends Meeting has a variety of spaces available for rent. Our building is available for weddings, meetings, seminars, performances, and more! We can accommodate large groups as well as small groups, with large spaces or more intimate spaces. There are discounted rates available for members! If you’re interested in booking our space, please contact our office.

The Meetingroom - Our main room where worship services are held. The room is equipped with cushioned pew seating, overhead lighting and windows, a stage with choir seating, an organ, a piano, and speakers. The Meetingroom is generally available only for weddings. Please see below for wedding information. If you'd like to book our Meetingroom for another event, please contact us.

The Parlor - One of our most popular rooms. The parlor is a quaint room that is perfect for meetings, small seminars or presentations. The room has plenty of cushioned couch and chair seating, a piano, curtained windows, overhead chandeliers and small kitchen area.

Fellowship Hall - Perfect for large events up to several hundred people. The room is equipped with a piano, a stage, overhead lights, large windows, and a kitchen (additional cost).

Additional Rooms - Our building also has additional meeting space. Please contact us if you're interested in details on our additional rooms.

Additional Equipment

Additional equipment such as a projector screen, speakers, etc. may be lent upon request at an additional charge. Please let us know if you're interested in using our equipment.




We welcome you to Indianapolis First Friends Meeting at this exciting time in your lives!  Our staff is ready to assist with your wedding plans.  The following guidelines will enable you to plan a marriage day that will be worshipful, beautiful and meaningful.

Initial contact for scheduling your wedding ceremony should be with the Office Administrator by calling the Meeting Office at 255-2485.  Upon reservation of a date, which requires a deposit of $100, the Office Administrator will put you in touch with the Wedding Facilitator, who will assist you throughout the planning process.  You may also need to speak with the Pastor to arrange premarital counseling and to discuss details of your wedding ceremony.


Friends emphasize that a wedding ceremony is a Meeting for Worship which will bring lifelong meaning and inspiration. Within Friends there are many styles of marriage ceremonies from simple to formal. The pastor will work with you.  If the officiating minister is not on our staff, a letter of invitation will be extended from the pastor of First Friends to the officiating minister.



Taking pictures and making audio or video recordings of the ceremony is accepted.  However, we ask that it is done in a subtle manner to maintain the dignity of the ceremony.  To facilitate this, please

observe the following guidelines:

  • Photographers should not take flash pictures in the Meetingroom during the ceremony
  • Still pictures may be made during the ceremony from the back balcony or subtly from the sidelines out of respect for the ceremony.
  • Video recordings may be made in a manner that will not be disruptive.


Music is often an important part of a marriage ceremony.  First Friends employs an Organist who can assist you with musical selections.  In order to protect our pipe organ, we ask that you use the Organist from First Friends, unless other arrangements are made with the approval of the Organist and Pastor.  Soloists and additional instrumentalists are welcome and encouraged.  Since a wedding ceremony is viewed at First Friends as a Meeting for Worship, selection of music should attempt to reflect this attitude.

Wedding Facilitator

A Wedding Facilitator from First Friends will assist you with the rehearsal and ceremony and act as a liaison between yourself and the Meeting.  The purpose of this is to assist the Officiating Minister with the rehearsal, provide access to the building for the rehearsal and wedding, and assist the bridal party with overall timing of the wedding and rehearsal.


Only special dripless candles are allowed.  If candles are used in the ceremony, they must be purchased from the Wedding Facilitator at $1.00 each.

Additional Information

Weddings held on Saturday should begin no later than 7 p.m. and we ask that the building be vacated by 9 p.m. so that we may prepare the building for Meeting and Sunday School the following morning.

We ask that flowers used in the Meeting room be removed before 9 a.m. Sunday.  Arrangements can be made through the Wedding Facilitator to have them removed by our maintenance personnel.

First Friends Meetinghouse is a Smoke and Alcohol free facility.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the building or on the grounds of First Friends.

Child care may be arranged through the Wedding Facilitator if desired.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Wedding Facilitator or the Meeting office.